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Puerto Rico
Cute Family on Beach

Save up for Your Next Trip to San Juan

Come for the beaches but stay for everything else. Puerto Rico is a place that is full of life and culture — from the food to the buildings, everything here is infused with Caribbean flair. We think it might be time to plan your next trip to Sa Read more

Iced Coffee

Take a Coffee Break in San Juan

If you’re a lover of coffee, chances are you are also a lover of chocolate. In our opinion, you can’t have coffee without the sweets and there isn’t a better more traditional sweet than chocolate. March 28th and 29th is a big day fo Read more

Golfer in sand

Spot Your Favorite Golfer at the Puerto Rico Open

Get your golf on—it's time for the PGA Tour's most anticipated event of the year, the Puerto Rico Open. This open is known as the most lively and fun of the entire tour, as people from all over the world come to watch the incredible players pas Read more

Photo of the Big Heads

Celebrate the End of the Holidays at San Sebastián

The year's most anticipated festival is about to begin, and it’s not to late to plan your trip to San Juan! In just two weeks time, the entire city of Old San Juan will be filled with vibrant costumes, lovely music, and big heads. Yes, you read Read more


Savor the Holiday Season in San Juan

No matter the time of year, Old San Juan is a gorgeous area of the island to visit. But with the holidays raring near, this particular area is extra spectacular. Around every corner, Old San Juan will be lit up with the buzz of cheery people and of c Read more


Give Your Thanksgiving a Dash of Sazón

It’s November and you know what that means—it's time to eat! Food is held near and dear to our hearts here in Puerto Rico, so we won’t ever miss out on a chance to make some of our island favorites. We love to celebrate Thanksgiving Read more


Oktoberfest Pints Have Arrived in Puerto Rico

October is in full swing, which means it’s time to break out the lederhosen and drink a “little” beer! Many people around the world are bringing their Oktoberfest celebrations to a close, but we are just getting started here in the Read more


This Beach is Gonna Rock Your Ox Off!

If you’ve planned your trip to Puerto Rico we are sure that you have organized a vacation full of flamenco dancing, mojito drinking, and empanada eating. But if you have completed all of those tasks and are looking for something a little more r Read more


Can You Guess Which "Juan" Is Right?

Today we are playing the name game! Have you ever wondered how Puerto Rico got its name? When Christopher Columbus first landed on the island in the 1400s, he declared that this 'new' piece of land be called “San Juan Bautista” after Read more


July Is Jammin' with Fun Events in San Juan

Do your summer plans include a trip to the fabulous island of Puerto Rico? If so, you’re in luck, because the city of San Juan is jam-packed with fun things to do this July. Check out these events that will be taking place throughout the entire Read more


Drop in on the Wildlife of El Yunque Rainforest

Just steps away from white sandy paradise lies the only tropical rainforest in the United States. During your visit to Dorado, be sure to carve out a little extra time to see the beautiful ecology of El Yunque Rainforest. This rainforest is just Read more

colored umbrellas

Photograph Yourself on Fortaleza Street

There is so much to see during your time in San Juan, but one of our favorite places to send our visitors is to Fortaleza Street with the colorful umbrellas. Fortaleza Street is known as one of the more popular areas to visit when you are in the old Read more


Feel Like Royalty in Dorado

Feel like royalty when you take a day trip to see Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan. This incredible fortress was built in the 1500s and still stands strong today. San Felipe del Morro is known as one of the most successful defensive position Read more


Drop in on the Surfers of Dorado

Surfs up in Puerto Rico and we couldn’t think of a more perfect place for a surf competition. At the end of winter and early spring, Puerto Rico gets some of the best swells of anywhere in the entire world! One of our favorite events to watch a Read more

romantic valentines day dinner

Date Night in Dorado

They say Spanish is one of the most romantic languages one could know, so it is no wonder that Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays on the island.  Read more

rainforest hike

An Action Packed January Is What You Need in 2019!

Happy New Year! We are welcoming 2019 with open arms in hopes that it brings of lots of good fortune and adventure. If there is one thing we love in Puerto Rico it is most definitely exploring and trying new things. A few ways that you can put a twis Read more

christmas tree ornaments

What's More Important than Christmas in Puerto Rico?

There is nothing truly like celebrating the holiday season in the islands. One of the most important holidays for Puerto Ricans in December is Christmas but following that is Three Kings Day. Three Kings Day is often overlooked by other cultures and Read more

The Best of Bacardi in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a country bursting at the seams with rich culture, delicious food, and even better cocktails! Read more

LUSCA Offers Up the Best Indie Movies in Puerto Rico

As we dive into the month of October we begin to get ready for all the festive holidays that are quickly approaching. Read more

Try this Trio of Desserts in Dorado

Eating like a local is a must when visiting our perfect little piece of paradise. Did you know that Puerto Rican cuisine is one of a kind? Read more

Play a Round of Golf

Golfing and Dorado go hand-in-hand. Dating back to the opening of Laurence Rockefeller’s Dorado Beach Resort, golfers have been swinging amongst the stunning tropical scenery since 1958.  Read more

A Garden Fit For A Princess

If you find yourself strolling through the charming cobble-stoned streets of Old San Juan, head towards the mysterious and beautiful “Jardin de la Princesa." Nestled at the end of Paseo de la Princessa, the luscious green oasis was protected behind closed gates until 2014 when the city opened it to the public. The garden is filled with stunning flowers, trees, plants, fountains, and old bronze and cement statues. Read more

Why Snorkeling is the Best Family Activity For Your Vacation

Let’s put it simply when you are here, you feel it. Each year families escape to Dorado, Puerto Rico for quality bonding, relaxed beach vibes, and fun all-ages excursions. Why not treat the crew to a day at sea? Read more

3 Most Instagrammable Locations in Old San Juan

Cobblestone streets, sweeping ocean views, and colonial architecture appeal to the most discerning Instagram snapper. While sightseeing in the old city, cruise by these jewel-toned spots for jealousy-inducing shots. Read more

The Beautiful Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico holds a special place in the hearts of both seasoned and neophyte birders, who are frequently rewarded by sightings of the brilliantly green Puerto Rican Tody, Key West Quail Doves, Mangrove Cuckoos, and the Puerto Rican Nightjar. Read more

Three Reasons Your Body Needs a Beach Vacation

Been craving the beach lately? Your body knows what you need and isn’t shy about telling you. We’ve rounded up the top three reasons to take a beach vacation. Read more

Valentine’s Day | Head to Puerto Rico for a Romantic Getaway

Escape winter’s frigid temperatures by surprising your beloved with a tropical getaway in sunny Puerto Rico. Shed the layers of clothes and let the beach set the scene for your romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to reconnect over fruity drinks and lounge poolside mid-week. Read more

New Years Resolutions For The Tropical Vacation

Start the year off with an island getaway. Return home feeling healthier, rejuvenated, and more relaxed with these dynamite resolutions to make 2018 the best year yet. Read more

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit: Our Favorite Puerto Rican Christmas Traditions

Just south of Florida in the Caribbean Sea is Puerto Rico, a small tropical island with big Christmas celebrations. Don’t be fooled by the year-round sunshine and stunning coastlines--we take Christmas very seriously and we want everyone to know it. Starting in the middle of November, and extending all the way into middle January, we find tons of reason to put on our party hats and gather with family and friends to honor and celebrate our traditions. Read more

Puerto Rico: Rebuilding Stronger Than Ever

When one door closes, a new door opens! Aquarius Vacation Club Dorado can’t wait to welcome back guests to our new and improved resort. Every day Puerto Rico is getting stronger--our trees are blooming and the island is full of energy rebuilding our piece of paradise. Read more

Hurricane Maria Relief to Heal: Puerto Rico Will Recover

On September 21, 2017, we were hit with the fifth-strongest storm to ever make landfall in the United States. Hurricane Maria struck the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, only two weeks after the arrival of Hurricane Irma. There are over 3.4 million US citizens living without power, cell phone reception, clean water, supplies, and more. Read more

Three Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico isn’t called the “Isla Del Encanto” (Island of Enchantment) for nothing. Between the stunning beaches, world-class restaurants, and friendly vibrant culture, visitors love to keep coming back for more! Here are our top three reasons to visit Puerto Rico: Read more

Top Outdoor Excursions in Dorado

Dorado is located just 15 miles west of San Juan, which makes it conveniently close to the big city while being far enough away to feel that uninterrupted tropical ocean breeze. While visiting our charming beach town, consider trying these top fresh-air excursions: Read more

Your Guide to A Healthy Summer Glow

Craving the ravishing glow of a summer tan? While visiting our sunny island, follow these insider tips on how to protect your skin while achieving a vacation glow. Read more

Summer Is Heating Up With These June Events

Enjoy the tropical weather and get into the summer mood with these concerts, festivals, and nights to remember. Read more

A Food Lovers Guide to Old San Juan

Our guests have the unique opportunity to taste Puerto Rico’s natural gastronomic bounty after a day of sightseeing in Old San Juan. Let the historic cobblestones streets set the scene for a day of culinary venturing. Read more

What's Happening In Puerto Rico This Month

After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the hotel and the beach, venture out to these fun events happening around the island. Read more

How To Relax On Our Stunning Beach

We here at Aquarius know that you are craving some peace and relaxation, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked a resort right on the Atlantic Ocean. Let us give you a couple of tips on how to unwind on our luxurious beach chairs right by the water: Read more

Spark the Romance in February

Puerto Rico is for lovers and that’s why we suggest rekindling the romance with these fun outdoor activities! Read more

Your Jumpstart to a Healthy New Year

The New Year is upon us and so are the opportunities to be healthy! When you are surrounded by picturesque water and sunshine, it is easy to jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions. Read more