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Why Snorkeling is the Best Family Activity For Your Vacation

Let’s put it simply when you are here, you feel it. Each year families escape to Dorado, Puerto Rico for quality bonding, relaxed beach vibes, and fun all-ages excursions. Why not treat the crew to a day at sea?

We suggest booking a trip with our favorite tour company, Aqua Adventure, to spend a full day sailing around Culebra, one of our most beautiful islands. The PADI Certified Diving Professionals will make sure that even your littlest splasher is safe, guaranteeing everyone knows how to snorkel properly.

Carlos Rosario marine reserve is on the agenda and is characterized by its bright tropical reef where an abundance of colorful fish can be seen in the crystal clear waters. The tour includes a casual lunch of delicious sandwiches, fresh cut fries, chips, and mango salsa.

Most tropical islands have swaying palm trees and a rich underwater ecosystem, but there is something different about the Caribbean. You will just have to experience it to understand it. The best part is making memories with your loved ones. Relaxing on the beach is a beautiful activity, but heading out onto the water is next level family-bonding.