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Three Reasons Your Body Needs a Beach Vacation

Been craving the beach lately? Your body knows what you need and isn’t shy about telling you. We’ve rounded up the top three reasons to take a beach vacation.

1 | Vitamin D. Bask in the sunlight because 80 to 90 percent of people get the Vitamin D they need from the sun. We can feel the winter blue’s melting away already.

2 | Relaxation. Being close to the soothing ocean water busts anxiety and creates a sense of wellbeing. You’ll return home with a peaceful glow, especially if you indulge in 15 minutes of meditation with nothing but the sounds of the waves as your background.

3 | Technology Detox. Leave your smartphones and laptops in the room and let Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches be your entertainment. Connect with your crew over tropical drinks and let the good times unfold.

Puerto Rico is calling you!