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Puerto Rico

This Beach is Gonna Rock Your Ox Off!


If you’ve planned your trip to Puerto Rico we are sure that you have organized a vacation full of flamenco dancing, mojito drinking, and empanada eating. But if you have completed all of those tasks and are looking for something a little more relaxing, we suggest taking a load off and heading to Ojo del Buey Beach, or in English, The Ox Head Rock Beach. This famous laid-back beach gets its name from the unique rock formation that overlooks the sparkling blue waters and white-sandy shores of this side of Puerto Rico. This tropical spot tends to be quite quiet, making it a great place to unwind after a holiday full of playing and exploring in San Juan and Dorado. Pack a cooler, towels, and some sunscreen for a perfect picnic in paradise. There is no doubt that you’ll begin to feel like a local as soon as you step foot in this unique beach in Puerto Rico.