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Puerto Rico

The Beautiful Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico holds a special place in the hearts of both seasoned and neophyte birders, who are frequently rewarded by sightings of the brilliantly green Puerto Rican Tody, Key West Quail Doves, Mangrove Cuckoos, and the Puerto Rican Nightjar. Part of the quest for many birders is a glimpse of the Yellow-Shouldered Blackbird, and the rarely seen Puerto Rican Parrot, which can occasionally be spotted in El Yunque. Waterfowl such as Least Bitterns and West Indian Whistling Ducks can also be seen, although the best time for these viewings is at either dawn or dusk.

The island consists of varying types of terrain: forests of all sorts; wet, cloud, dry, and in between, along with ocean shores and mountains. All combine for an abundance of birding habitats that host almost 350 different species of birds, 120 of which nest here regularly. Some of the best places to spot our winged friends are the Humacao Wildlife Refuge, La Parguera, Parador Hacienda Juanita, the mountains at Maricao State Forest, and the Cabo Rojo wetlands and salt flats. For more information from a fabulous birding site, click here.