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Take a Coffee Break in San Juan

Iced Coffee

If you’re a lover of coffee, chances are you are also a lover of chocolate. In our opinion, you can’t have coffee without the sweets and there isn’t a better more traditional sweet than chocolate. March 28th and 29th is a big day for Puerto Ricans near and far because it is the 10th Annual Coffee & Chocolate Expo and you are invited. This year's event will have 185 exhibits and thousands of visitors from around the world throughout the weekend. Learn about coffee and chocolate that's made right here on the island, in addition to seeing a few global coffee and chocolate giants that will be in town too. There will be sampling and pairing going on all around the convention center, and you can even purchase local products to bring back home with you. The flavors of the islands will have you hooked, and before you know it, you'll be returning to San Juan time and time again just for a simple coffee and sweets fix.