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Oktoberfest Pints Have Arrived in Puerto Rico


October is in full swing, which means it’s time to break out the lederhosen and drink a “little” beer! Many people around the world are bringing their Oktoberfest celebrations to a close, but we are just getting started here in the Caribbean. Grab Das Boot and head out to the local breweries of Puerto Rico for a classic Oktoberfest Lager. 

Zurc Bräuhaus in Coamo will be featuring their Zurcfest beer, which is a Puerto Rican spin-off of the typical Fiestbier that is served during the celebrations in Munich. This foamy treat is brewed with authentic ingredients that were harvested in Germany. Old Harbour and Dragon Stone Abbey breweries also have a fun local twist on the classic lager style beers that are served during Oktoberfest. You can catch some of these brews at the local restaurants around town but we suggest you make a pit stop and try the tasty hops at their origin.