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LUSCA Offers Up the Best Indie Movies in Puerto Rico

As we dive into the month of October we begin to get ready for all the festive holidays that are quickly approaching. Many people around the island will begin dressing and attending parties for Halloween, some will break out the Christmas music and fireworks for New Year's Eve, but for some of us, we are just excited to catch up on all the newest films at this year's LUSCA Caribbean International Fantastic Film Festivalhosted right here in Puerto Rico. This spirited film fest used to be known as the Puerto Rican Horror Film Fest but has since changed its name and genre as it began to grow and is completely open to the public. LUSCA will have two-week-long premiers for indie movie lovers, the first weekend being October 18th until the 24th and the second week November 1st through the 7th. Join in on the festival fun and get your fix of the latest up-and-coming indie films.