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How To Relax On Our Stunning Beach

We here at Aquarius know that you are craving some peace and relaxation, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked a resort right on the Atlantic Ocean. Let us give you a couple of tips on how to unwind on our luxurious beach chairs right by the water:

Hide your cell phone

You heard us, it’s time to disconnect from the outside world. Stash the smartphone, the iPad, the laptop, any outside distractions. It’s time to connect with nature and let the sound of the ocean be your soundtrack.

Laugh it up

This one should be easy, we know you love to laugh, so the time has come to share a good joke with a friend or family member. Laughing releases endorphins into your systems which can boost your immune system. It’s also fun and connects you to the people around you. Connection equals happiness and we are happy you are enjoying yourself.

Go for a swim

Getting the blood flowing is good for the body and mind. Feel that refreshing water hit your face and let the health benefits pour in. Ocean water is full of vital elements that can improve your wellbeing. Health is wealth and we think taking a dip is the ultimate way to relax and do something nice for yourself.

Now that you’ve had a rejuvenating day on the beach, head over to the Blue SeaHorse Pool Bar & Grill for cocktails and a sunset: