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Give Your Thanksgiving a Dash of Sazón


It’s November and you know what that means—it's time to eat! Food is held near and dear to our hearts here in Puerto Rico, so we won’t ever miss out on a chance to make some of our island favorites. We love to celebrate Thanksgiving here in San Juan, but you must know we have to do it the Latin way—with lots of sazón, plantains, and a healthy portion of chicharróns. Cooking is a thing of pleasure in Puerto Rico which means eating is a source of pure gratification. Just like the rest of the United States, we take a pause from our normal routines to say thanks and to give gratitude back to our families. If you are visiting during this special time, you can expect a celebration full of great food, fantastic music, and a whole lot of beach lounging. We hope all of our loving visitors have a great Thanksgiving and an even better time with all their loved ones.